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Centenarians & Sardinia

Hey everyone!

Today I’d like to talk about an article one of my colleagues had shared with me a few weeks ago: “The centenarians dominating one region of Sardinia”. Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why on earth would I want to talk about this? Well, the article touches on the importance of socializing and how it can lead to a longer life; thus, on par with my continued learning for Shaw Lifestyle (and I want to share that with you).

The above photo is an aerial shot of the Sardinia Island, beautiful right? Where on the island, that I am not sure.

Before I go any further, I feel it’s important to define centenarians.

Centenarians [sen-tn-air-ee-uh n]

adjective 1. pertaining to or having lived 100 years.


2. a person who has reached the age of 100.

Great! Now that we’ve got that out of the way I’ve decided to give you some main bullets (bullets are the best way to get information fast and efficiently, at least… I think so) of the article.

  • Early 2000’s, Dr. Giovanni Pes (demographer and physician) discovered two things among villages in central Sardinia aka “The blue zone”.

1. Low mortality rates

2. High life expectancies

  • Blue zone = a term used to refer to an area with extraordinarily long-living populations

  • These places have been identified as blue zones

1. Nicoya, Costa Rica

2. Ikaria, Greece

  • Seniors from the Sardinia blue zone are participating in more social and leisure activities VS. senior populations of other areas

  • Interviews along with historical data suggest that social and psychological factors are just as important as diet and exercise to live a long, healthy life

So, take the above information with a grain of salt – but, keep in mind that socializing can be quite beneficial. You could end up living to 100 or even longer! I, for one, think all of this research definitely should be explored further! We need to be more educated about the importance of social engagement, especially where it can have a big part in one’s overall wellbeing!

What are your thoughts?

Toodaloo, Joanie

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