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Become part of your  community

At Step Above Childcare Centre, we provide a safe and healthy environment for our children. We focus on the overall development of the child in the early years of life, with the right care and guidance. Step Above Childcare Centre adopts a play-based, child-centered approach to early childhood education.


We employ an Emergent Curriculum, which focuses on being responsive to children's interests to create meaningful independent learning experiences. The philosophy of this child-initiated curriculum prioritizes active participation, relationship building, flexible and adaptable methods, inquiry, and play-based learning.

Who we are

Shaw Lifestyle is a division of The Shaw Group Limited, aiming to enrich community engagement, create a sense of belonging, and foster existing and new relationships through initiating clubs, activities, and events within our communities.

What we do

Shaw Lifestyle creates opportunities for meaningful community engagement by facilitating events and clubs within your neighbourhoods. Our mission is to build connections between residents of all ages.

Our initiatives aim to inspire healthy habits and new friendships. Whether you’re interested in joining a walking club, attending a movie showing, or meeting new people, there is something for everyone!

Our Lifestyle Coordinator

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Joanie O'Leary
Lifestyle Coordinator

Meet Joanie O’Leary, Lifestyle Coordinator for Shaw Lifestyle. Her role is to facilitate meaningful engagement in your community by organizing local events, clubs and workshops. 


Originally from New Brunswick, Joanie was born in Saint John and raised in Quispamsis. There she began her post-secondary education at New Brunswick Community College before moving to Halifax in 2013, where she completed her undergraduate’s degree at Mount Saint Vincent University.


During her time at The Mount she fell in love with Nova Scotia and was keen on staying in the province after graduation. Joanie’s passion is people, making Shaw Lifestyle a perfect fit. Joanie loves connecting with residents to inject fun in their communities. When she’s not Shaping Your Community, she is spending time hiking along the coast, learning a new recipe and trying not to overflow her apartment with beautiful greenery.

Have a question, suggestion or something to share? She’d love to hear from you.  |  902.445.6212

Coordinator Bio
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