Halloween is fast approaching and if you’re anything like my friends you could be scrambling to find a costume. Well, lucky for you (and them) I’ve compiled a few of my favorites from searching the web... you may find some of them quite punny ;)

You most likely have a lot of these items already in your home! If not they're definitely in your neighbors home. Lucky for me I was able to pull a lot of these together from my closet alone! However, I will give a shout out to my colleagues that kindly lent me some materials. Thank you!

Check out below for my top picks for some easy, last minute DIY Halloween costumes!

Princess Leia

> Wear an all-white outfit

> Put your hair into some awesome buns (or in my case braides) and…

> Tada! Princess Leia

Bread Winner> Compile a fitness-related outfit

> Wear medals around your neck > Carry a loaf of bread OR print well known bread labels and….

> Tada! Bread Winner.

“Spice Girls” Costume

> Each person wears an apron

> Print off different spice labels for each person and…

> Tada! Spice Girls.

Formal Apology

> Pull out your fanciest outfit

> Wear a name tag

> Write “Apology” on it and…

> Tada! Formal Apology

Sleeping Beauty

> Wear a pear of pajamas

> Add an eyemash and/or slippers

> Make a sache OR wear a name tag

> Write "Beauty" on it and...

>Tada! Sleeping Beauty

Now, if I can throw each of these costumes together in less than 20 minutes you certainly can too! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So, if you're still struggling to come up with something reach out! I'd love to help :D

Have any comments, questions, or just want to reach out? Comment below or email me at info@shawlifestyle.ca.

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First, did you know that within the Shaping Your Community newsletter there’s a special offer just for YOU? Take advantage of this great deal before it is too late! Second, I’d like to introduce you to the maker: DoonMoon or more formally known as Danielle Manuel.

Danielle Manuel

Danielle has been a lifelong friend of mine and has always been involved with art. Whether it was sketches, painting or photography – she has pursued it. For as long as I can remember it has always been a true passion of hers; the creativity would just flow through her. No matter what she was doing there was always room for art.

She graduated from Dalhousie University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in biology. Post graduation she studied and received a certificate in environment management and assessment.

When did you first get involved in art?

I’ve always loved art and being creative. As a little kid, I was always drawing, painting, and making crafts. As I got older, I continued to fill sketchbooks and doodled all over my notebooks. I started to do some digital art about five years ago and only seriously focusing on it within the last year!

What inspires you?

I often find myself inspired by nature (including humans) and our natural environment. I love leaves, mushrooms, flowers, insects, the night sky, long flowing hair, etc. I’m also drawn to bright colour palettes with contrasting colours.

Who is your favourite artist?

Though it’s very hard to choose, if I had to, I’d say my favourite artist of late would be Alice Carrier. She’s a fantastic tattoo artist and does amazing pieces involving flowers and fruit and insects, and all things that are beautiful.

DoonMoon`s Custom Illustrations

You can find her shop here and Like her on facebook.

Have any comments, questions, or just want to reach out? Comment below or email me at info@shawlifestyle.ca.

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