Let's Cook! - Pasta Night

Thanks to everyone who came out to Shaw Lifestyle's "Let's Cook!" event on Monday, June 18th. Good food and good times were had, all thanks to you fine people and the talent at Cocoa Pesto Catering.

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"It was amazing how quickly the chef come up with all the dishes".  

"The chef offered us some great cooking ideas, and how to prepare totally different pasta dishes".  

 ~Lorrie, Resident in The Parks 

"Last night was a gem. I am a food lover from the world over".

"I left with enjoyable taste buds and a full belly - It was just plain great!".

~Christopher, Resident in The Parks

"Shaw Lifestyle, thanks very much for putting this on.  Not only did we have a great time, the

Chef was very entertaining and knowledgeable".


"We were so impressed with how easy it was to make a very tasty pasta that our coffee group is going
to organize a trip to Windsor to try his restaurant". 

~Eric & Kim, Residents in The Parks


Relive the event. Watch the video recap.

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